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About Constellium soft alloys activities in Germany

Aluminium extrusion profiles supplier

Constellium’s Soft Alloys activities supply aluminium extrusion profiles with a reliable and flexible customer service.

Four decades of aluminium extrusion experience

Extrusion press

At 5 sites in Europe, Constellium manufactures high-quality aluminium customer profiles, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

These profiles, produced on our 7 extrusion presses, are available in both small and large cross-sections. Each is manufactured to match best‑in‑class surface quality standards and tight geometrical tolerances.

In a competitive market, we stand apart for having more than four decades of experience in engineering and applications. As a medium-sized company, we have the flexibility to attend to customer needs, while drawing on the worldwide resources of the entire Constellium group.

Customer service at the core of business

Extrusion shop

Our entire business revolves around our customers.

We handle each customer’s requirement in a trustworthy and responsible manner, from the first profile sketch through tool correction to a semi-finished product that fits the customer’s logistical needs.

Throughout the process, we maintain close and regular customer contact and provide advice and support, recognizing that these key factors underpin our offer of reliable service.


Constellium customers can rely on quality products that fit their logistics needs.

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