Soft Alloys Europe

An expert in aluminium

Constellium Soft Alloys Europe offers its customers more than 40 years of experience in aluminium extrusion solutions for the automotive, building and construction and other specialty markets. With a reputation for world-class quality, Soft Alloys Europe is recognized for its ability to achieve complex geometry sections, tight tolerances, thin wall thicknesses, precise mechanical properties and high surface quality. With five plants located close to its customers, we are able to quickly respond to technical and logistics needs while drawing on the global resources of the Constellium group.

Customer-focused solutions and service

Soft Alloys Europe provides engineering, production and logistics services tailored to each customer, from the first profile sketch, to tooling, to the production and delivery of semi-finished products transformed into prefabricated components. Our expertise includes specialized processes such as insulating complex profiles for the building and construction industry, or providing internal sawing, CNC machining or measurement processes for automotive customers.


Site's certifications

Through a certified quality management system, Constellium ensures the consistent control and inspection of products and full material traceability throughout the entire manufacturing value chain.

Our processes are certified according to international standards for quality, health and safety, and environmental protection.