Constellium has the resources and experience to respond to the needs and specifications of the automotive sector. Our plants in Crailsheim, Burg and Nuits-Saint-Georges are certified IATF 16949. According to acknowledged standards and criteria, our sites are also approved as suppliers for Audi, Jaguar and Porsche.

Developing next-generation solutions for automotive suppliers

We offer the largest variety of aluminium profiles in the alloys, tempers and tonnage required by our customers.

Upon request, we can design profile cross-sections and supply ready-to-assemble components that comprise finished profile segments to a just-in-time business model.

Excelling in customer service

Through collaboration and co-creation, we are helping customers develop the next generation of aluminium automotive solutions.

Using state-of-the-art production technology, we manufacture a number of sub-assembly solutions for applications in automotive structural elements, chassis and suspensions systems, door structures, crash management systems, seat rails, trim and interior parts, anti-vibration components and more.

To meet the demands of our automotive customers for products and services, we have put in place an organization dedicated exclusively to the sector that comprises various expert teams.

  • Sales and marketing experts are responsible for automotive projects.
  • Qualified technical project teams, based in our plants, take charge of all resources needed to ensure the successful completion of our automotive projects. This team draws on the continuous support, expertise and lab scale equipment of the Constellium Technology Center in France.

  • An efficient logistics setup allows us to meet the just-in-time requirements of car manufacturers and automotive suppliers as well as their stringent quality standards.