Constellium manufactures aluminium profiles with unique applications in the building industry. We provide well-designed profile cross-sections with high surface quality, tailored to specific applications.

Building applications

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Using alloys that are specifically developed according to the required application, our carefully designed profile cross-sections are reliable and cost-effective.

We produce extrusions for applications in door and windows systems, other pre-fabricated components, facades, curtain walls, roof covers, swimming pool covers, shower cabin scaffolding and formworks.

Our customized aluminium sections meet the diverse needs of the sector for products such as:

  • small and thin sections for partitions, roller-blinds and decorative items,

  • profiles completed by additional finishing operations such as thermal breaking, anodizing and lacquering,

  • large profiles for façades, sun shading systems and roller blind casing.

We also offer a range of finishing services, including:

  • surface treatments (anodizing and lacquering),

  • thermal breaks (thermal separators using polyamide bars and resins), 

  • cutting (to length and machining),

  • marking and stretch wrapping.

For building applications, aluminium offers distinct advantages compared to other materials. Among many benefits, it allows for flexible and light components that are required for sound structures.

Renewable energy applications

Constellium manufactures high-precision aluminium profiles for applications in the renewable energy sector. Aluminium’s high formability and lightweight properties make it an invaluable material for the renewable energy sector.

The commercial use of wind and solar energy on an industrial scale is now part of daily life. Aluminium profiles in a multitude of shapes and alloys have contributed to this development, capitalizing on the metal’s high formability and lightweight properties. Aluminium profiles make it easy to turn photovoltaic arrays and solar panels into lucrative sources of electrical and thermal energy.

Whether used as part of a simple roof-mounted systems or a large-scale solar park covering many square kilometers, solar cells and panels framed in aluminium profiles are now an important part of the landscape.

At Constellium, we make frames for solar cells and panels used for domestic appliances and solar farms. These frame and stabilize the black solar panel.

We also produce sub-frames for solar farms. The solar panel, which is already framed by aluminium profiles, is mounted and fixed to the ground by using an aluminium sub-construction.

Our high-standard surface treatments ensure that both our solar frame profiles with extreme surface requirements and profiles used for solar power plant substructures can be simply and quickly fitted on site. This includes being sawn, drilled and cut to length according to precise specifications.