Light weight and stable, Constellium’s intelligent aluminium profile cross-sections are used by vehicle manufacturers in all transportation applications. Our plants supply profiles up to 20 kg per meter, 400 mm wide, and 15 meters in length.

Built tough for the road

Constellium supplies ready-to-assemble finished aluminium profile parts that can be seamlessly integrated into utility vehicle production processes.

Manufactured to industry standards, our aluminium profile structures and assemblies for chassis and superstructures prove their mettle in the toughest conditions of continuous use, even when carrying heavy loads.

Wide uses in utility vehicle construction

Applications for our products include standardized sidewall and frontwall profiles, and fully ready-to-mount curtain siders.

We have also optimized the production of machined and bent curtain sider profiles, which are suitable for truck trailer platforms.

Our profiles can reach 15 m in length.

Expertise and experience in aluminium solutions for transport applications


Our dedicated technical customer representatives accompany and support product development processes in various areas for customers in a wide range of transport sub-sectors.




Aluminium in rail industry

We manufacture a wide range of products for the rail industry. Our products are used in rolling stock such as high-speed trains, double-decker trains, long distance trains, tramcars and subways. Our semi-finished products are used in aluminium roofs, flap doors, partitions, hatches, stairs and access ramps, and more.

Aluminium in shipbuilding

We have developed a number of innovative aluminium solutions for the shipbuilding sector. These encompass welded sub-assemblies for bridges, ramps and other complex ship structures.

Aluminium in bicycle manufacturing

Thanks to our company’s diversified business activities, we can also serve sectors such as bicycle manufacturing, for which we create wheel rims and a number of different support brackets