Constellium complements its high-quality aluminium extruded profiles with a range of services on request. Our service offer includes consultancy & design, finishing, logistics, quality assurance and recycling.

High-performance profiles and services

The aluminium extrusion profiles manufactured by Constellium have a multitude of applications, notably for industrial, architectural and automotive uses.

Ensuring we meet the diverse requirements of our customers, and exceed their expectations, we offer a range of related services. These include consultancy and design, finishing, logistics, quality assurance and recycling.

Proven, best-in-class expertise in advisory services

The key services we offer have been developed over the course of our four decades of industry experience. Our services draw on our expertise in advisory services, comprehensive engineering knowledge, and our capacity to ensure the highest possible degree of supply security.

The dies we use to press the profiles are masterpieces of precision engineering, optimized in our own workshops to ensure the highest level of accuracy. We also take considerable care when undertaking further processing, whether using mechanical or chemical means.

Our customers can be duly assured of receiving not only the highest‑quality products, but also best-in-class services.