For more than four decades, Constellium has been transforming semi-finished products into prefabricated components.

Aluminium anodizing

Our plant in Nuits-Saint-Georges (France) has three anodizing lines capable of treating profiles of up to 8.4 meters long.

Anodizing is a specific surface treatment for aluminium whereby an electrolytic process is used to create a uniform and resistant surface layer of aluminium oxide. This coating gives a very attractive satin finish to the product and can be performed with an optional coloring process.

The complex anodizing process involves a series of soaking tanks and successive rinsing processes. It consists of four main process steps: 

  • Surface preparation

  • Forming of a coating of anhydrous alumina

  • An optional coloring process

  • Final sealing of the anodic layer

Our anodizing process complies with the Qualanod quality standards for anodic oxide coatings. Our anodizing lines are capable of treating profiles up to 8.4 meters long.

Aluminium machining services


In addition to extrusion and surface treatment operations, our machining workshops and network of sub-contractors offer a wide variety of finishing services.

By delivering parts that are in an advanced stage of finishing or ready-to-use parts, we help customers optimize their own production processes and cycle times.

Finishing expertise


Constellium’s soft alloys plants in Germany offer expertise in finishing. These include:

  • Mechanical processing on computer numerical controlled (CNC) machining centers

  • Drilling, milling and sampling

  • Bending (up to a profile length of 15 meters)

  • Thermal break

  • Surface finishing (anodizing and powder-coating)

Other options are available on request, provided either in-house or with long-standing and experienced local partners.