Constellium’s soft alloys plants are expert manufacturers of customized aluminium profiles. More than 80,000 metric tons of aluminium profiles leave our plants each year, serving many different industry sectors and applications. Our profiles range from cross-sections of 100 x 250 mm to 340 x 50 mm.

Wide-ranging portfolio

Available profiles range from cross-sections (circumscribed rectangle) of 100 x 250 mm to 340 x 50 mm.

They are available in weights ranging from 200 g to 20 kg per meter.

These profiles are produced on our seven press lines with extrusion forces between 2,000 and 4,400 tons and operate in a three-shift pattern.

Manufacturing extrusions

From aluminium billets to customized aluminium profiles, the production of extruded profiles is our core business.

Extrusion is a mechanical manufacturing process by which an aluminium billet is transformed into a specific shape, several meters long, called an aluminium profile. During the process, the billet is forced under pressure through an extrusion die.

Customers from sectors including transport, building and industry benefit from our years of expertise and extensive portfolio of dedicated presses capable of creating a vast range of profile shapes and dimensions.