Aluminium is a remarkable material for the fact it can be almost endlessly recycled. Recycling is an integral part of Constellium’s business model. Its importance is reflected in the fact that recycling is carried out at all three stages of the life cycle – using the internal process scrap created during transformation; customers’ scrap produced by stamping, milling and other processes; and the recovery of end-of-life products.

Putting aluminium to endless good use


In the aluminum industry, our soft alloys plants are working under the auspices of the Constellium group to promote aluminium recycling as part of an industry-wide effort.

The benefits of recycling aluminium are clear:

  • Aluminium has unique recycling qualities: if collected properly it can be reused time and time again, with no deterioration in quality.

  • Aluminium recycling saves energy: re-melting used aluminium saves up to 95% of the energy needed to produce the primary product.

  • Aluminium recycling makes economic sense: not only does it consume less energy, recycling is self-supported because used aluminium never loses its intrinsic high value.

Local action

Constellium maintains several local agreements and partnerships to facilitate end-of-life recycling of extrusions.

For example, the A/U/F initiative is a German association of leading extruders and system suppliers of aluminium profile sections that aims to recycle used aluminium profile parts from windows, doors and wall sections in a financially viable way.

In addition, all our internal production scrap is collected and transported back to local casthouse partners to be remelted and used for extrusion over and again.