Technical assistance
and design

Constellium’s Soft Alloys plants have experts on hand to help with the planning, coordination and design of extruded aluminium profiles. Production, technical support and sales staff work in close cooperation with customers.

Expert teams


Through expert consultancy and superior design technology, we aim to ensure that our aluminium profiles meet customer requirements and exceed their expectations.

To this end, we have experienced teams to advise on development, coordination and design elements. These teams comprise engineers and sales staff who work in close cooperation with customers.

Drawing on state-of-the-art technology, notably in our computer-aided design department, these teams are able to first determine and then meet customer requirements.

Meeting customer needs

A market leader in aluminium products, Constellium can develop and manufacture extruded profiles and solutions to precise customer specifications.

To ensure that we find the best solution in terms of performance and cost, we take into consideration the technical capabilities of all our sites to respond to customers’ technical needs.

Each site has its own team of technicians in permanent contact with production teams. These highly skilled technical teams are our customers’ primary point of contact for the development of profiles and projects.

Customized support

If a customer project requires a particularly complex technical approach, such as systems, trials and prototyping, our teams are able to draw on a number of sources of support:

  • A technical assistant working in the field helps identify the right profiles for the project.

  • A specific organization is dedicated to the management of automotive projects.

  • At the Constellium Technology Center (France), a number of engineers are specially assigned to the development of extruded profiles and their applications, working on topics such as metallurgy, the extrusion process and finishing options.